Communion in the Body

Every Christian has been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ; we are not our own. Each one of us is a member of the Body, of which Christ is the Head; and our Head would like us, the Body, to be His life, His flesh, and His very bones. Even the weakest member of our Body is still Christ’s. Each member of the Body must be treated as Christ because Christ possesses him; therefore, we are to honor the Body, identify with it, and express life to it.

When I look at another person in the congregation, I cannot afford to get caught up in personality clashes, resentment, bitterness, insecurity, or fear. Instead, I must love each member, for each one is in Christ and, therefore, he is a part of me. No one is perfect at this point, but in heaven, everyone will be perfected and we will spend eternity together.

Knowing this, we are to love each other as we grow, become mature, and take our places as particular members of His Body. God has placed each member in the Body according to His design and He wants us to realize the benefit of staying in our particular place and learning how the whole Body is blessed by the diversity of its members.

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