Complete Consciences

Everything is determined by the conscience. We have a compromised conscience when we are only partially living by God’s truth, and we deceive ourselves because we talk ourselves into the wrong information. We can believe something that isn’t true and have a defiled conscience conditioned by our own interpretations.

God wants us to be set apart in His Word because His Word is truth. He is saying to us, “Have a pure, godly conscience as the determination for your norms and standards for thinking-for deciding, for communicating, and for behaving through My precious love that is freely given to you through the Holy Spirit.”

I have never sensed such a crucial hour in the history of the world. We have an opportunity to enter into a life of being Spirit-filled and to have the Word of God flowing in us as we obey from our hearts. We have the privilege of praying as we have never prayed, loving as we have never loved, giving Christ to others as never before. We have this great privilege of going forward as witnesses as we have never gone before-with joy as our strength (Nehemiah 8:10) and with amazing peace (Isaiah 26:3).

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