Complete Convictions

I have made decisions about many things in my life. I have left myself no options. When I have dogmatic convictions that leave me no options, then I am no longer tempted in those areas.

People often possess limited convictions, but not complete convictions. Without complete convictions, they are tempted and often fall in weakness and frailty into the causes and effects of Adamic habits. When something comes up, it's a beautiful thing to look the tempter in the face and confess, "I have no feelings and no temptation, so go take your program elsewhere!"

I have convictions to think purely, to love purely, to forgive, to show mercy, to give grace, to hate sin, and to love righteousness. I have a conviction to finish the course and keep the faith. I have a conviction to fight the good fight of faith, to study and meditate on the Word of God daily. I have a conviction to pray, to win souls, to be faithful to a local assembly. I have a conviction to edify with my tongue and to communicate the whole counsel of God.

I exercise my volitional right in the privilege of receiving divine convictions through growing in categories of truth. These are not opinions or religious rites to observe- they are convictions to live by.