Conditional Compliments Anyone?

Many people try to legislate faith instead of receiving it through God’s delegation of life. Because of pride and their rebellion toward authority, they produce words in order to demonstrate faith. One may temporally deceive others with this display, but he never will be eternally affected when he touches the attire you wear in your spiritual life. Words without power are a confession without Christ. The only way to witness faith to others is to receive faith toward yourself. You cannot believe in God with your whole heart unless you receive grace in unconditional love, knowing that God has done the changing.

Many find it easy to compliment Christ but hard to confess Christ in faith. Compliments attend things that are pleasant to the senses. Confession comes in accordance with the Word and the Father’s will. You are pleasing God with no outward gratification, and therefore you are well pleased with your life. Compliments suggest we are outwardly agreeable, but confession brings us inward transformation.

Faith comes by the Spirit when we meditate upon the thoughts of God. We are kept by the substance of our own confession. Those who find the Word hard to keep in the face of temptation and not adequate to overcome it are those who, when they heard what was necessary to have faith through the Spirit’s manifestation, did not hear with an honest heart.

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