Connected to a Spirit

At any moment, we are operating either in the power of the Holy Spirit or in an unholy spirit. It could be the spirit of fear, the spirit of lust, the spirit of pride (Isaiah 14:12), or the spirit of anger, just to mention a few. Everything we do is connected to a spirit, either through the grace of God in our obedience or through the old sin nature in disobedience. A soul that isn’t living in the compatibility of the grace and love of God is a soul that is not prepared for life.

“For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead” (2 Cor inthians 5:14).

Our souls must be filled with the love of God because the love of Christ constrains us. This truth must be applied to every decision we make because we are only alive for a very short time.

The love of Christ must motivate us. Otherwise, it will be very easy for us to connect to the wrong spirit. We must allow the Holy Spirit to shed abroad the love of God in our hearts. Then, we will operate apart from fear and pride and in union with grace and truth.

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