Consider the Hour

Recently on my way to work, the traffic was backed up due to a terrible accident. From a distance, I saw the lights of an ambulance. As I moved closer, I could see the wreckage of several vehicles, one of which looked exactly like my daughter-in-law's car. The possibility that someone I loved could be involved was overwhelming, and you can imagine the relief I felt when I realized it was not her car. Still, it was a horrible thing to witness.

Christians should have this same urgency to seek the lost. The hour is later than ever before. God has sent out a warning, and soon Jesus Christ will come for His Church. When that happens, our opportunities will be gone forever. For the people who were killed in that accident, their opportunity to hear the Gospel is gone. Today they are in eternity.

The time is too short for believers to wrap themselves up in the things of this world. People need to see that Jesus Christ alone is the way, the truth, and the life. Let's get up from our beds of complacency and participate as called out ones, borrowed by God to reveal His life, before it's too late.