Construction Site of Grace

We are given unto edification. That, in itself, is an art of the Holy Spirit. We design and outlay a plan that others may be built in Him. There is no work of destruction before we are constructed in grace. As soon as we step momentarily in faith, the middle walls of partition are broken down.

There is no choice in our construction site. If we agree with forgiveness then we all simply have the opportunity to be built up. When we say things outside of the art of edification, it reveals that our motives are not right. If there are some people of whom we think highly and others of whom we do not, then we must find the lowly place of the Cross and receive repentance.

Though we may have closer fellowship with some people, we can love all people even those not properly adjusted in grace. Our responsibility in love is not to correct people outrightly nor to implicate them indirectly, but to pierce them through the tenderness of His nail-scarred life with a penetration of God. We are not to be occupied with what they owe in payment for their sin. We become a testimony to them and the confession for them of God’s individual application of His blood.

Our work schedule in other people’s lives never will be cancelled due to conditions or circumstances in their experience. No matter what the weather report forecast for their life by sight, we construct for them in faith a foundation that they may be a home of God’s promises.

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