Conversion in the Light

Conviction by the Word of God is for conversion into the character of Christ. Light always will reveal areas where we are not walking in truth. That light is not for the purpose of ushering in condemnation, but for establishing us in the correct truth of God’s mind. Under the right kind of conviction, we will grow deeper in every word and not revert to the guilt of Adam. What is the worth of a message if it does not convert and conform us to the image of Christ?

Its value would be the same as any human criticism or flattery, bearing no eternal fruit. If we experience conviction every time we hear the Word of God, then every message transforms something within us from darkness into light.

Where did the light of God leave Job? His three friends told him that he was not right with God, but God saw him as mature ( Job 42:5-6). Many people give advice that is not backed by God. Though Job was not perfect in experience, God looked at him through the Blood. Job then saw himself in the light. The light did not leave him in depression, but caused him to grow in the reality of the Finished Work. The entrance of the Word gave light and the light converted him.

Daniel felt weak and frail as he saw his unworthy state in the light of God (Daniel 10:8-10). We may be walking in the light, but we are only as mature as we are now until we get another glimpse of God. We will see God and be humiliated but receive His touch, giving us a greater measure of growing up into Christ.

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