Corporate Pentecost

Corporate Pentecost

Carl H. Stevens Jr.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Things to Come
  • Preparations of the Heart
  • Led By the Resurrected Christ
  • The Fullness of Time
  • Preparing the Remnant
  • Conclusion


I would like to discuss the subject of Corporate Pentecost. First of all, I would like to make it clear that there will not be another Pentecost, like the one in Acts, chapter two. This Corporate Pentecost will have an unbelievable impact, just as the Acts two Pentecost did. Many believers have experienced a personal Pentecost after going to Calvary. But here, I am speaking about a Corporate Pentecost.

We are functioning as a corporate Body, and, as we submit to it, we are following God’s vision, purpose, and heart for that Body. This, in itself, is a corporate renewal. God revealed years ago that we would be raised up and used of Him to usher in a fresh, new Corporate Body emphasis. He would bring into our midst a Word of God renewal. This simply means that every single thing we do will be saturated with the Word of God.

The Lord said He would give us many outreaches. He said He would give us a day school, a high school, and a Bible college. He said we would send teams into all the world to preach the Word of God. More than sending missionaries, we would send Corporate Bodies into the world. These “Bodies” would carry with them an emphasis of corporate love that can only come through Jesus Christ’s fullness and an understanding of His Finished Work.

From this international, corporate expression of Him, God would raise up His fullness in many different visions, such as radio, television programs, booklet ministries, and so on, which would grow from this corporate expression.

God said that through the Holy Spirit, we would be able to have amazing ministries to various segments of our society — to the down-and-outers and the up-and-outers, to unwed mothers, to the mentally retarded, to orphans, to alcoholics and drug addicts, and to many different language groups, including the deaf community. He said He would raise up a corporate ministry that would especially minister to each one.

These are among the many things that God promised. Most of them have already come to pass, and we are in the adventure of seeing others open up before our eyes.

There is one thing God told us that I will never forget. He said that He would call us out and put us in places that have been trodden down by men. He said that we would travel to places where legalism and law and stifling religion have gone before. As we travel these roads, we will walk by faith.

God promised, “I will give you a baptism of love, and this love will be shed abroad in your hearts experientially. Not only will I give the Body a baptism of love, but I will give the Body a revelation of grace that few ministries have ever had.”

These are things that God told us early one morning, years ago. I ask you now, are these things coming to pass? The Biblical test of a ministry of God is found in Deuteronomy 18:22: Things that are prophesied must come to pass. If they do come to pass, the ministry is of God; if they don’t come to pass, it is not of God. It’s that simple.

We are living in the beautiful fulfillment of the prophecies that were given that morning. Most of them have been realized, and many of them are on their way to being realized.

Things to Come

I want to show you what the Lord is going to do in these last hours of human history, and I will keep the message extremely simple. I want you to receive it, because it is about you. You will play one role or another in this ministry of the future. The Lord is going to do something else in this and other ministries in various parts of the world that serve as remnants of God’s corporate thought through a corporate fellowship. He is going to bring a Corporate Pentecost.

A time is coming that was described in Joel 2:28-32:

“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

“And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

“And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.”

In this portion of Scripture, the Lord says there will be a remnant who shall call upon His name. It does not say that the members of this remnant will just be saved. It says they will be delivered. They will be delivered from the terrible day of the Great Tribulation. But beyond that, they will be delivered from all the natural laws of the flesh. They will be delivered from all the structures of ecclesiastical Christianity.

They will be delivered from the selfish and materially-oriented mind of Adam. They will be delivered from all the plagues and diseases of the Adam nature. They will be totally delivered from one kingdom into another, not only in their positional theological concepts, but also in their experiential responses to life. They will be delivered.

Jerusalem will one day be the headquarters of Jesus Christ, and Mount Zion is where the corporate Body of Christ will reign with Him. One day soon, His New Jerusalem will come down out of heaven, as it is described in Revelation 21.

So there will be a remnant. And this remnant will be a group of people who have not only entered into the corporate organism of Jesus Christ, but who will also enter into a Corporate Pentecost.

What a beautiful thing it is to be able to go through life and not be tortured and tormented by the self-life! We don’t have to be hindered by depression, medication, guilt, liquor, lust, envy, or religious oppression. What a beautiful thing it is to go through life and be totally delivered out of the structure of the world’s system. What a great thing it is to be free from the influence of the propaganda of superficial, pseudo-religious communication in a world of overtly sinful activity. The only way one can really be delivered into this type of life is through a Corporate Pentecost.

Hundreds and thousands of people have no idea of what a Corporate Pentecost is. Many who claim to be Christians are double-minded, and they live in selfishness and greed. Some of them probably are not even saved and would go to hell if they died tonight. They need to repent of sin, receive Christ, and be saved the right way: through the Bible.

If they were truly saved, they would not practice sin. But, they continue to be independent in their lifestyles, alienated from the true expression of Christ. They continue to walk apart from the humility of the Cross, without submission to God’s government and the authority of His throne. They alienate themselves by entering into the natural desires of the materialistic kingdom, of economic striving, and of immoral sexual pleasure.

It is amazing to me how many believers can hear messages and not receive the life that God longs to give them — life that would transform them in a moment. Every child of God who hears truth can be transformed the moment the truth is spoken, unless they allow unbelief to rob them of life.

Of One Accord

In Acts 2, “when the day of Pentecost was fully come,” Jesus’ disciples were gathered together, in one accord and in one place. This is beautiful. They were about to receive a Corporate Pentecost — the most amazing revelation the world had ever experienced. The living God would take over their bodies. Divinity would enter into humanity with all the supernatural flavor of a supernatural accompaniment. They all showed up, and their hearts were filled with the Word of God. They were so one, and something fantastic was about to happen.

Preparations of the Heart

Notice the first thing that God does as He prepares for Corporate Pentecost: He purges hearts that are not in one accord. Before He reigns in a Corporate Pentecost, the Lord Jesus is going to take away those whose hearts are not purified within. He will separate those who are not corporate in oneness of belief, those who have a double mind on the inside, who go along with Christianity on the outside to avoid hell. Before this Corporate Pentecost, the Lord Jesus will separate the wheat from the tares.

This is a painful operation. As I see it right now, we have one of the healthiest, most wholesome church bodies that we could possibly have. I am not a prophet of doom, trying to present a negative application of this prophesy. I am simply stating that there will be a measure of purging. Some people will follow along with the Body and conform outwardly to what it is doing. Inwardly, however, they have never been baptized with the fire of God’s Word and the power of God’s grace in a Body that embraces God’s conviction. Consequently, they will leave.

They will not leave Christianity, but they will depart from a living organism that is going into all the world. They will leave because they will not submit to a corporate government, to corporate convictions, to corporate authority, or to a corporate vision that is worldwide in its scope.

They want to settle down into a domestic sea of comfortability, where they are not constantly reminded that Jesus is coming back soon. They don’t want to be told that we have a great task to accomplish and that we are privileged to do it.

Instead of hearing, witnessing, and presenting their bodies as living sacrifices, they withdraw into their domestic scene and are limited by their humanistic horizon. They live in a horizontal plan, propelled by their own egocentric, adamic emotions, which constrain them to abide in the selfishness of their own hidden nature.

Jesus is going to purge people whose hearts are not on fire. Some people’s hearts are not on fire because they have not been taught. Others are not on fire because they have not submitted to what they have been taught. Others just want to settle down in a safe, going-to-heaven, easy-to-conform-to, comfortable Christianity. They love the Word of God until it totally crucifies their very right to live.

The Word of God will do nothing less than crucify every single thing within us and leave us totally dead. Every child of God must live in Resurrection in order to be effective. This makes the Christian life so simple. We abide in His death by faith and live in His resurrection by grace.

One of the things that Jesus Christ tells us about Corporate Pentecost is that in order for everyone to be in one accord, He will purge out the hearts that are not. He knows how to do it, because He has all knowledge. He knows just how to operate with the knife until, ultimately, He cuts away the things that are not in one accord.

Pure Hearts Drawn Together

I want to talk to you, heart to heart. More than ever before, do not walk by sight in your lives. Don’t rationalize in your Adam nature . Don’t judge according to appearances. Live inside the Body and humble yourselves. Let the love of God flow. God is going to do things in the next months that will totally astonish you. When all is said and done, He is going to have a living epistle in people who will reign with Him and take this corporate life message into the entire world. But He is going to operate on the cancers in the midst of the Body. He is going to deal with the diseased cells.

God is going to bring in the Cross again and again. And the Cross, not you or I, will separate hearts. Jesus will take the pure-hearted and put them together to form a particular community. I’m not speaking of a geographical location. But these Christians will form a community based on heart attitude. Then He will take those who do not have pure hearts and separate them from the from the pure-hearted ones.

This division will come through the execution of the Word of God by the authority of the Holy Spirit in the corporate, providential revelation of human events. God is going to do many things to get a group of people who are totally and absolutely in one accord. When the time of separation comes, you will remember this message. The separation will shock you as much as the renewal will amaze you.

Notice that the Holy Spirit makes us one. But, in Acts 2, they had to be one before He descended. You and I have no excuse for not being baptized with power. There is no excuse for not being one in attitude, in one place, waiting for the fulfillment to come. A lack of knowledge is never a reason for believers not to be in one accord.

As God does the cutting and the separating, He is still going to have an army. He won’t raise up just a few. He is going to raise an army of Christians who are totally baptized in the corporate organism of oneness. I have never been so excited. I told the Lord Jesus that the adventure and excitement of living in Him has so overwhelmed me that I can’t live. And He said, “Then get up and walk by faith.”

Led By The Resurrected Christ

Luke 24:50 reveals another thing that must take place before we can have a Corporate Pentecost: We must be led by the resurrected Christ. Friends, it is so important for us to be led by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am getting my life to the place where I am actually being led detail by detail, second by second. Have a schedule in which Christ, without any turmoil or strife, is able to lead you, right down to the seconds of your life. This is the only way He can ever capture the thoughts of your heart.

Many, many Christians love God, but they don’t know what it means to be led moment by moment by Jesus Christ. They love him moment by moment, but they don’t know how to let Him lead them on a second-by-second basis. The measure that I am led by Him will be the measure to which I have His health.

It doesn’t take long to be led into something that can hurt you. You can be hindered by passivity of thought, lack of discipline in your schedule, and the inability to orient your life to a reasonable order of divine importance. Every moment of our lives is important. Even the moments that I go home to rest are vital. If my life is filled with moments of being led by Jesus Christ, then the devil can’t have me — not even for a moment.

We must understand that we could not have the seven-day week unless God was on schedule. Unless the Lord Jesus Christ was a God of order, there would be no organization to His creation and there would be no life for humanity. Men, woman, and teenagers need to have schedules that are ordained by God. I am not talking about legalism that is governed by the flesh and unduly punishes people for not being on time. This is about having a life that has every step ordered by Jesus Christ (Psalm 37:23).

I need a life that is so beautifully oriented to God that He can order my steps, my moments, and my seconds, to lead me in His plan. You will discover the time that something crept into your life was a time that you were not necessarily doing anything bad. You were not doing anything particularly evil. You were loving God the best you understood, and you thought you were following God. But to follow God without being led by Jesus Christ is to give the devil a chance to get in with wandering, wilderness, oppression, and a subtle invasion of diseases.

Blueprint For Health

There are all kinds of carriers in the atmosphere trying to carry some disease to my physical body. Therefore, the moment I am not led by the protective hand of Life — by Jesus Christ who has life in Himself (John 5:26) — that is the moment I give the enemy an opportunity to use the atmosphere to bring a disease to my body.

God has ordained a divine blueprint for me to be led, moment by moment, by the Spirit of God through the Word of grace. He breathes in me. He takes me by the hand and leads me. I must refuse to walk, except as He leads me. This is the privilege I have as a man of God. I have a will. I have a healthy mind, healthy emotions, and a healthy body. I have the privilege to receive, to understand, and to be led by God.

When I reside in passivity, my schedule is no longer oriented to the divine order of health for my mind, emotions, and spirit. God’s order is to give health to all my flesh (Proverbs 4:22). Jesus wants my mind to be purified, cleansed, powerful, active, creative, and redemptive. He wants it to be filled with all the compassion and vision of His purpose, which is to express to everyone in the world that He loves them.

He wants my emotions to be filled with love beyond knowledge, peace beyond understanding, and joy that is unspeakable. He wants my emotions to be filled with all the benefits of a healthy mind. He wants my will to be established in the Kingdom of God.

Let me show you how Satan gets in very subtly. Whenever God speaks, do not be introspective and attack yourself. Instead, attack the enemy by obedience and faith instantly. Use your will to gain a victory and to win Christ. When God’s people learn how to be led, He will lead them right into a Corporate Pentecost.

What keeps a believer from being corporate? What keeps a believer from having fullness? What keeps a believer from having a sound mind? It is in the moments when he gives in to some power other than perfect love, perfect grace, perfect peace, perfect revelation, perfect fellowship, perfect guidance, and perfect inspiration.

When Jesus Christ is leading me, I am conformed to an image that makes me live above everything with Christ. The problem is this: Moments slip away because we think that is “just being human.” We surrender moments when we lack the discipline of the Cross and the unction of His presence. We fail to give room to the One who wants to take up every room in our mind, emotions, and will. We must allow our seconds to be led by the divine Eternal Is of God — the great I AM — who created the seconds in order to inhabit us and reveal His love, which is eternal, in time.

The Fullness of Time

When the fullness of time came, Pentecost came. The timing was perfect. In the fullness of time, Jesus was born of a woman (Galatians 4:4). You are living in the fullness of time. Every step you take must be oriented to the government of life so that the authority of His life can govern every situation.

“And he led them out as far as to Bethany, and he lifted up his hands, and blessed them. And it came to pass, while he blessed them, he was parted from them, and carried up into heaven” (Luke 24:50-51).

I want you to picture this scene. Can you see His hands lifted up? He is leading the disciples. He is getting ready to ascend. He lifts His hands and it is a beautiful scene. Jesus would not take that trip before He showed them His hands.

Jesus Christ would not ascend unless they saw Him. He would not leave them before He blessed them with ascended power. He would not leave them before telling them what to do and what was going to happen. In Luke 24:49, He told them to tarry in the city of Jerusalem until they “be endued with power from on high.” He told them to tarry.

“And they worshipped him, and returned to Jerusalem with great joy:

“And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen” (Luke 24:52-53).

The disciples did exactly what they were told to do. They returned to Jerusalem in peace and with great joy. This was their strength. They were in the temple daily, singing and praising God. Later, in Acts 1:14, we find the disciples assembled in the upper room, with one accord, in prayer and supplication.

Corporate Pentecost will be ushered in when we do things together and do them with joy. This seems so simple, doesn’t it? Do you realize what it means to God when we obey His Word precisely, with divine order and joy? As we do things together, we learn how to spend hours in the upper room of prayer and supplication.

Christians must understand what it means to pray with one voice, one heartbeat, and one conviction of love. Through this type of corporate expression in oneness and prayer, He will save, heal, deliver, and renew. When God’s people pray in the Spirit, they shake heaven for a response.

And as we do it more and more and learn how to cultivate it, we will see an earthshaking corporate oneness. We will see people touched because of the prayer that brings us together in one place and in one accord. As we pray, the Holy Spirit will groan in us (Romans 8:26), and Jesus Christ will intercede for us before the Father. What a combination! In the authority of oneness, the corporate Body will warn the world that Jesus Christ is coming soon.

Supernatural Works of God

I think you can understand why the “tares” wouldn’t enjoy a prayer revival. Do you see why there has to be a purging? There cannot be one accord until there is a purging, because it is not natural to get on your knees and pray for hours. The natural mind hates it, gets bored, and wants to run. What we are going to see God do will not be natural. It will be supernatural. He will use people who simply have child-like faith and who go on in obedience (Acts 2:1).

Can you imagine what the disciples felt when Jesus Christ blessed them and then ascended, in Luke 24:50-53? They saw Jesus lift up His hands, and they stood there staring at the sky until the angels came and said, “Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven?” (Acts 1:11). Now they had to get to that upper room and obey the Son. They needed to get ready for Pentecost.

The disciples came to one place with one accord, and they were expecting by faith. “And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting” (Acts 2:2).

Suddenly, an amazing manifestation of Jesus Christ took place, a manifestation that turned the world upside down. Isn’t it amazing when we wait for a long time and then, suddenly, God fulfills what He promised? Can you imagine the scene in that room? The disciples were rejoicing and praying. They were all in one accord; they were all in one place. They had seen Him ascend, and they heard the angels speak, “and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind.”

Baptized with Power to Win the Lost

When His Body on earth is in one accord, God will rush in to bring the baptism of His corporate power to the corporate Body in the newness of a revival. The result will be the same as the first Pentecost. Jesus Christ will give us the manifestation of languages so that people of every nationality can understand, because He wants them to be saved from the terrible day of wrath.

The tongues mentioned in the book of Acts are such that people can hear in their own language how to be born again. As the disciples were baptized with the Holy Spirit, God gave them national languages so they could communicate the Gospel to the lost. This group did not receive the gift of tongues so they could be privately edified. God gave tongues as a mighty force to win the lost.

In a short time, the Holy Spirit will do these things on a large scale. We will have a Corporate Pentecost, and many people will be speaking in national languages, because God loves the whole world. He is seeking to save the lost.

The Great Tribulation is coming. Before that time, the Rapture of the Church, the Bride of Christ, will occur. Jesus is going to give His people everything they need in order to win the lost everywhere before He takes them up in the clouds. They will know how to pray and shake heaven. They will learn how to live in a heart attitude of supplication. There will be joy because they are living in the purity of holiness. They will live with one heartbeat. They will be able to receive all the power to carry out His ministry, to go into the world, and build up the Body.

There will be an amazing manifestation of Throne power on the earth. Not a single thing will be able to touch it. The manifestation of signs and wonders will not be for those in God’s Kingdom, but for the lost who are precious to Him. Therefore, many signs and wonders will come from heaven, because Jesus Christ wants to win to Himself every possible soul, before the Rapture.

Preparing The Remnant

Right now, God is preparing a fantastic remnant — us and others in the world who feel just this way. I am totally convinced that every word I am telling you is from Jesus Christ. I am also convinced that we are experiencing the most delicate and most momentous hour of human experience. He has chosen us by grace, and we are here by mercy. Not one of us could look up to heaven and say that we deserve what we are experiencing. We deserve hell — not the love, mercy, and grace He has given us.

Just before Jesus comes back for His Bride, to gather us in the clouds of the air, there will be the great outpouring of this Corporate Pentecost. Many Christian leaders have written books and have said in messages a time when they believe Jesus Christ will come back. I don’t know when He is coming, and I never make any predictions. But in my heart, there is a yearning to see Him. In my heart is a living faith that says He is coming very soon. I honestly believe that many of us will never taste death. We will be raptured — caught up to be with Him in the twinkling of an eye (1 Corinthians 15:52).

I personally believe that the Rapture is so very near, and that tells me there will be a purging. Don’t get yourself involved with the purging. Don’t you start judging the severances that come. Don’t start playing judge when the purging comes. This is all going to be an act of God, as a preparation for the Corporate Pentecost.

Because this day is coming soon, I must do the best I know how to make every day count. I am going to live in faith rest. I am going to live in joy. I am going to live in the conviction of reality. I am going to ask God to guard my moments and my seconds with divine order, for prayer, soul winning, and building up the Body.

Everything will be done decently and in order so the movement of God will not be delayed. Because of God’s commitment to human volition, it is possible for man to delay a movement of God. Please understand this: People do not delay God from His ordained knowledge of an event, but with rebellious passivity and an undisciplined response, people can delay God from moving.

Gifts Used Rightly

We are going to see the most fantastic things we have ever seen in our lives. Love is already here. There is hunger in our hearts. We love God and we love each other. We understand grace. Now God is going to give us an understanding of grace so we can handle the gifts and the signs properly, to insure that those things will never be put ahead of Him. We have been seasoned in the Word, we have been conditioned by the Word, we have received purpose through the Word, and we have been prepared by love through grace. So, when these signs and wonders come on a grand scale, we will be able to use them for the purpose they were given: to win the multitudes who are lost.

We will not use them to satisfy our religious egos. We will not use them to raise a banner of spirituality. No, we will use them humbly to build up each other and to show people that there is a kingdom on the earth.

This is the most exciting and privileged time that we could be alive. As far as I go, I love to live. I am very much alive. I know that God’s people who really love life are going to have the most thrilling days that they have ever experienced. Just look forward to the blessing, and He will take care of everything else.

The Corporate Person

The angels said, “this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven” (Acts 1:11 b).

First comes the corporate preparation, then the corporate power, and then the corporate Person. Now we are in the preparation stage, and we are experiencing a measure of the power. The preparation will take away some whose hearts are not right with God, and it will bring in the corporate power. Then the corporate Person will come back in the clouds.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the corporate Person — our head, Jesus Christ — will come back in the clouds (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). Many of us will never taste death. What happens to the world’s system during this period won’t happen to the Kingdom of God at all. The Lord is going to show the devil a healthy Body, not a sickly one, before He comes to get His Bride. This will be the fifteenth round of the fight between the Lord and Satan, and the Lord is going to come out strong when the bell rings!


Satan thought he had Jesus counted out a few times, but he is going to be amazed at the freshness, purity, power, and strength of His living Body. As a result, we will be less and less accessible to anything that isn’t of Him.

We have had mass healings. We have had many salvations. God is moving in a massive way to rebuke Satan, to humiliate and expose him, and to make a display of his defeat. Can you imagine what Jesus will do when He has a whole corporate Body that has a Throne ministry Pentecost? As His Bride draws near with healthy faith, having oneness, faithfulness, and obedience, then Jesus Christ will expose the devil and all of his lies.

Imagine that moment when Jesus returns in the clouds for His Bride. All the saints from the Church Age will be resurrected, and the dead in Christ shall rise first: “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.

“Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thessalonians 4:17-18).

What a scene that will be! Believers going up in the clouds, ascending right through the devil’s kingdom. Imagine the holy, sacred satisfaction of the Master. Here He is in the clouds of the air with His people. They were knocked down but never knocked out. They were hit again and again, but never destroyed or defeated. Here is His Bride made perfect. She is His forever and ever, and He doesn’t see one single spot in her!

When Jesus poured out His Spirit, He made us one. He will let us see a corporate revival, and at the very end of this massive revival, He will take us home forever. Christ was crucified. He was resurrected. And then He ascended. We will go through the trials of our faith in a corporate crucifixion, and it all leads to a corporate resurrection and a corporate ascension, because we have a corporate faith.

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