Could this Be the Son of God?

There He is-the Son of God. Oh, but He is lying in a manger. The scene does not seem appropriate for a King. How can it be so? The scene was a sign for us to follow. It was a scene in time, but represents an eternal principle. As we see the representation, we experience the truth. The Son of God was born in lowly surroundings, and yet within Him was a heart that was rooted in Heaven.

As we move forward with God in the midst of the Body, our priorities change from ambition in the world, to being the amplification of what is in eternity, from living for ourselves, to losing ourselves in God that others might live, from considering the gain in this world as it benefits us, to counting all but loss for the benefit and advancement of the expression and establishment of God’s Kingdom.

Our hearts have changed, our minds have changed, our affections have turned, and our attitude has submitted. We no longer look for a life for ourselves, but we live in a fellowship with God that we may be a life for others.

We may lie in a manger, repudiating the world’s conceptual social religion. We may possess nothing but what eternity gives us. We may not be listed in the records of worldly prestige. But though we be persecuted, though we be cast down, we are never forsaken. We are children clothed in eternal righteousness. Though you lie in the manger of humble situations, know that you were sent by the Father.

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