Counseled by Truth

I think I’ll put up a beautiful golden plaque in my office for people to read before I counsel them. The first line will read, “Did you talk to God first?” The second line will say, “Did you get filled with the Spirit before you came to this appointment?” The third point will be, “Are you living by every Word of God?” The fourth line will ask, “Whose fault is it?” (On second thought, don’t tell me.) Fifth, “Will you accept the provision God gives?” Sixth, “Will you mix faith with everything that we read from the Word?” And finally (seventh, for the Finished Work!), “Do you love as Christ loves?”

Now that would make for a good counseling session! It would help any person just to go through the list. Then he would say, “You know what? Just give me a couple of Scriptures. I think everything is going to be all right.”

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