Counseling from an Eternal Viewpoint

Isaiah 50:4 imparts God’s viewpoint on counseling. It is better not to use constructive criticism whenever it may hinder the individual’s spiritual growth. In all cases it is best to apply “wisdom” from the Word of God as well as impart the unconditional love of God; both of these principles work beautifully together to accomplish a unique work in the soul.

The individual needs to be “built up” within the assembly of believers; he needs to understand the great privilege God has given him to function within his calling as a “member in particular”. Counsel must always be limited to eternal viewpoint from the Word of God; it must never involve subjective evaluation on either side.

As the counselor inclines his ear toward heaven, just as Jesus Christ listened intently to His Father (2), he may confidently advise a believer (while creatively applying grace and love) according to specific definition from the Word of God. This is the key to divine creativity: draw Christ’s life from the individual, build up his soul with the Word of God specifically in the place of need, and edify him in areas of strength, so that he will be motivated to serve God with all of his heart. Remember this principle: never counsel or constructively criticize from your own human resources – instead apply the Word of God as your only frame of reference in problem solving.

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