Death Is Defeated

Temptation, when answered properly, can help build spiritual muscles. It enables us to use the Word of God more skillfully.

As we glorify God and edify one another in the Body of Christ, we are part of a solution not part of the problem in this world's system. If you are part of the problem, come to Christ, become involved with a Bible-believing church, and you will find the solution and become a part of it. Satan is defeated on the death issue; he brings temptation after temptation, ultimately trying to make us fear death. Now he can no longer hold it over our heads.

The issues of death belong to God. The Scriptures clearly state that believers will not taste death. Once we go through the shadow of death, Satan can no longer tempt us. Not that we should be reckless with our lives, but when we go up, he is through. Isn't that good news?

Don't misunderstand: I do not want to die. I want to live for as long as I can. But it is a great comfort to know that death has lost its sting. Rejoice in that fact! Praise Him, and let all the angels and all of our loved ones in heavens see it.

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