Deceiving the Great Deceiver

How do we turn previous defeat into victory? How do we recover lost ground? We spend more energy living in defeat than we do believing in the pure Word of God. We present a logical case why we do not believe and then condemn ourselves for our unbelief. Instead, we should redeem time and turn it into a marvelous blessing.

In Joshua 7, the Israelites were defeated totally, but in Joshua 8 they had success through obedience. The Israelites had taken Jericho, yet they were defeated in Ai. Why? It was because they did not go to battle as one. The only way to reach conquest in our Canaan land is to march in oneness attuned to the government of God’s Body.

After defeat at Ai, obedience to God’s man brought Israel to a valley of retreat. The enemy thought they had retreated because of defeat. However, to God’s people it was a valley of rest where they saw a promise. Defeat does not drive saved people into panic but into a valley to receive a promise that reveals the devil’s defeat. In the valley, the Israelites received the plan concerning how to deceive the enemy in order to take Ai in victory.

We should learn from God how to deceive the devil. A truce with Satan should not be made in a defeat. Many are so down to earth with the devil that they never lay an ambush. We obey the Word in the valley so that the last defeat is the devil’s downfall in the victory today.

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