Defining the Devil’s Strategies

Jesus was always quick to define the tactics of His adversary. He was never surprised by the devil’s ploys. Satan could not deceive our Lord through man’s sentimental goodness (2), or religious tradition (3). He was always immediately recognized, and his temptations were readily identified (4).

Satan may leave us for a season (5), but he always returns with a different scheme of attack. Because of Paul’s warning, the Church at Ephesus did a great job of defending itself from heresy; yet, Satan’s second offense was overwhelmingly effective. It was a subtle, subjective attack that drew the Ephesians into a critical, judgmental attitude. It caused them to forfeit the very life of the doctrine they had known. These believers lost their first love, and the sight of all they had long devotedly stood for (6).

Satan has not changed his warfare, for it still proves effective on masses of Christians today.

Knowing the Word and Christ’s mind through the Holy Spirit enables you to identify every trap of Satan. Fellowship in the Body gives discernment of his ploys (7). By having a strong foundation in the Word of God, the believer can appropriate the Lord’s amazing provision to define the devil’s strategies and capture him in his own net (8).

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