Delegated Reception

“Whom do you say that I am?”

“You are the Christ.”

“Flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you, Apostle, but My Father in Heaven did. Peter, upon this Rock, Christ (1 Corinthians 10:4; 1 Peter 2:6), I will build My Church. And unto you I give the keys of the Kingdom of God.”

Peter went away with keys that could open the Kingdom. Keys represent the revelation about Jesus Christ that comes from the Word of God. The keys were given to an apostle, and we receive those keys through delegation by continuing in the Apostles’ doctrine. Jesus could have said, continue in God’s doctrine, but God wanted to emphasize the importance of men appointed by Him by grace. He called it the Apostles’ doctrine, but it is God’s doctrine.

Many people live in a state of self-appointment. They do not want to continue in the Apostles’ doctrine. They want to be on their own so that no one can tell them anything. Then they do not have to face the reality of a personal corporate government and a personal cross. Instead of receiving life directly from the Head, Jesus Christ, through the government so that they can be humble in the sight of God, they live in secret pride that has appointed self in place of others just as the devil did when he lost his place in Heaven. They live inconsistent with no authority and no power that can bind and loose through the grace given through submission to authority.

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