Delivered Before Deliverance

People want to experience God’s deliverance without experiencing God’s nature. They want to prosper and be in good health without having their soul prosper in discipleship. They want to be in God’s infantry without the basic training ordained by God. They want to walk on the Emmaus road without first the crucifixion. They want to experience Heaven without identifying with blood on a Cross. They want to be more than conquerors without having their flesh life conquered by a Cross. They want to reign with Him without suffering with Him. They want to be successful without being disciplined as a worker.

Israel wanted to be delivered without experiencing the Deliverer. But God wants to work in the nature of His patience. He wants the promises to become life before deliverance takes care of life. He wants them to rejoice because of what they heard instead of making demands on God before their appointed time of deliverance. It would have glorified God had they walked in faith and, by the time they were delivered, already been delivered in their mind. If we are mentally delivered because of the mind of God, no type of physical bondage can ever stop us from walking in God’s presence. God wants to work Himself into the place you are living. Before He honors your request, He wants you to honor Him in total commitment in your heart. God wants us to experience His nature so that we can enjoy the deliverance of His character.

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