Delivered in a Moment

During the war in Vietnam, a second lieutenant in the Vietnam army was told to take eight prisoners and execute them. His superior told him to take them three miles from the base and shoot them. The officer took them to a place not far from Saigon, and he began speaking.

"I am going to tell you the greatest story of your lives," he said. "Jesus Christ loves you. He died and shed His blood for you. He was buried and rose again. He has paid for every one of your sins. Now, will you receive Him and be saved?"

They all got saved-some of them I am sure were thinking that they had better get saved before they were shot.

Then, he said, "See that road to Saigon? Get going. Live for God, get on your knees every day, and read the Bible. God had for you this day a Christian who would not shoot you any more than he would shoot himself. Now get out of here!"

Once a year, those eight people get together for an old-fashioned prayer and praise meeting. They were truly saved, and they will be God's trophies of grace for all eternity. They are His masterpieces. Thank God for that.

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