Imagine serving the enemy of sin when God does not charge you with sin. Imagine serving the devil when God has defeated him. Imagine submitting to the evil forces when God has dealt with them forever for every believer. Do not serve the enemy but experience the heritage that God has given to you as a gift forever.

Instead of the experience of their heritage, people put their trust in the flesh. If their flesh lives at the good part of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, then they go on living a deceived life and call it self-righteousness. If the flesh through the good part of the tree can hold them up all right, then it is great. Their heart has departed from the Lord. Their countenance begins to struggle, after their heart has departed, and the Christian who is trusting in the flesh begins to feel out of place in God's appointment. They feel left out in the Body and rejected in a ministry where they are accepted forever because of Christ. Their heart has departed from the mind of Christ. They are ruled by the flesh they are trusting in. They first trust in the flesh and then they rely on their emotions and walk by sight. Truth is distorted, and reality is reduced to their emotional capacity to realize truth from their own fleshly ability. Their flesh substitutes for truth what they feel is truth without having the truth witness in their soul because they have departed from the Lord in their heart.

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