Desires Beyond God

Idols are very often the No. 1 problem in a Christian’s life. An idol is not necessarily a material article set before people to be worshipped. An idol can be an attitude of the heart that takes you from the fellowship of a personal Christ. Many people idolize a need instead of living in the will of God which would fulfill all their desires because they are in Him. For example, a woman wants release in her situation. She desires her husband to change. Her wanting becomes idolatry. She lives in an anxious spirit towards his changing. It is good to want him to change but not to the point that it becomes striving and contention. The motivation of her prayers for him may be the idolatry found in her own heart. It originates from setting up desire in place of God’s will in the perfection of His operation. She is striving to make a goal come to pass, by-passing God’s working and entering into the strivings of the flesh.

Many people desire to be healed, and yet they do not operate in the purity of faith so that God can operate by the law of love. Healing becomes an idol. It is something they seek and the basis of their communication with God. They want something from God before they want God Himself in communion. In other words, people have desires that go beyond their willingness to accept a Cross for their resurrection grace. They worship desires instead of delighting themselves in God in Whom all desires are fulfilled.

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