Details Can Swell

The details of life always occupy our minds when we do not have our priorities straight. They take our attention from our mission to seek and save that which is lost (2). We become easily distracted from listening to the Word of God. We find ourselves saying, “If I can just get one more thing done, then I will be able to go to the Bible study or spend time in prayer without having to worry.” But things keep coming up, and we never get around to the Bible study or prayer.

The story of Martha and Mary in Luke 10 is a good example. Mary immediately sat down at Jesus’ feet, while Martha was occupied with preparing the meal (3). She probably said, “If only I can get the meal prepared, then we can sit down and listen to Jesus.” But Mary’s divine priorities ruled over her details of life (4). Jesus emphasized the fact that Mary chose the good portion for herself. She chose. She did not tend to the less important things first, rather she made up her mind to put the Lord first.

Our priorities can become misconstrued, and the distractions of physical tasks can take preeminence over listening to the Word of God. Let us choose to have divine priorities today so that our portion can never be snatched from our hands (4), and that we may reap eternal benefits.

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