Discomforted by the Claims

What I learned in the presence of God yesterday is not relevant today. We may get to know things about the Cross and acknowledge those things, but the Cross must live today in my communion with God so that I am dying daily but always alive unto God.

Personality wants to taunt people, bringing injury to the emotions, conflict in the body, and confusion in the potential. You can be just as defeated as you want to be as your personality speaks from its experience, or you can hear God declare life in every aspect because you experience a personal cross that brings experiential resurrection in all areas.

Many people never experience a revolutionary transformation. They spend their life listening for the magic sentence, waiting for the emotional experience, striving in the religious exercise, and expecting a push-button change. But resurrection is simple, childlike, and filled with grace, and it allows us to receive its execution without self-experience. People thinking about it anticipate that it must be a grueling experience. Of course, in self-consciousness, when we try to get our self-life through the Cross and still come out with our own rights, it is quite discomforting. The claims of the Cross are contrary to the desires of Adam. People often desire to have their emotions touched so that they can know God in His execution. But feeling disallows faith the experience of visible transformation through an invisible God.

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