Divine Ability

God wants His people to be the head! He wants you to be the best businessman, the top salesman, the wisest executive. He wants to make you better than the others. He wants you to be above and not beneath. When we receive God's vision of who we are in Christ, when we receive His provision of what we can do in Christ, when we receive God's power to be all that we are in Christ, then we have divine ability to do everything God Has ordained for our lives (Philippians 4:13).

We are not to live in defeat. We are to go forward in the streams of the rivers of life as real men and women of God, believing and confessing Christ.

When a Christian discovers that he has Christ's wealth and resources, there is not a single thing his mind cannot do. He can have healthy emotions and go forward with power and a vision.

Imagine what a Christian can do when his thoughts are from above. The joy of the Lord is his strength, and his affections are set on things above-God's thinking is way above this universe. It gives us what we need to be the best-to be the head and not the tail.

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