Divine Action through Revelation

Thoughts stimulate movement. We abide in Jesus Christ to have His mind as the source of all our actions.

The Word of God is the energy used in divine activity to function properly, according to 1 Corinthians 14:40. Our first move must be toward Christ, so that the purpose of His plan may be revealed in the provision of His grace. When we draw nigh to Christ, He will draw nigh to us. Our step of faith in the Word causes a reproduction of divine activity of the Holy Spirit. When hid with Christ, we are hid with the mind that created the universe and ascended high to fill all things. All things consist in the effects of what His thoughts created.

The mind of Christ is the source for all divine activity. Operating in His mind is confessing the Word through the faith of the Son of God, Who is the Word. We don’t try to reconstruct God’s thoughts in our mind, but we let His thoughts create a capacity for His mind to dwell in us so that our action will be that of Christ Himself. The mind of Christ is Christ Himself in action. The thoughts that we think will not determine the life that we receive, but the thoughts we are determined to think through the Word of God will determine that life. If we give place to thoughts outside the Word, then the place that we live will be outside the fullness of Christ. Any thought outside the Word will tear down the walls that have been built up by the Word.

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