Divine Conviction

If we lack the purity and the sincerity of the Holy Spirit's convicting power, we will find it very easy to become comfortable in our Christianity. A lukewarm Laodicean spirit characterizes the church of today. The fervency and fire of many has already waxed cold.

Don't be a lukewarm Christian. Do not compromise with the Cross by allowing small sins to become a part of your life. Christ challenges us to do away with our pretenses of Christianity. We're either to go and join the world, proving where we are really at, or truly join His people and get burning hot for God. God wants a Church with character, full of divine conviction. Who cares if you are not living in some terrible, overt sin? If you are taking your salvation for granted and ignoring His claims on your life, then sin, separation from His purpose, does characterize your life.

Christ wants to vomit when Christians won't respond to the burning of His Holy Spirit as He desires to manifest His life through them to the world. So many churches and believers refuse to get involved in what God is doing today. They choose to remain in a lukewarm state, neither for Him nor against Him. Ignoring His salvation call as an individual means a sentence of eternal damnation. Ignoring His call as a Christian means allowing thousands to go to Hell through our own negligence of His voice.

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