Divine Humility

Any believer who wants to be serious about his walk with God must focus on Jesus Christ. He must be open and in tune with the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

There are remnants throughout America who love Jesus and who are being called to serve Him because of the purity of their motives and their hunger and thirst for righteousness. Still, one thing is so necessary, yet, sadly, few have even heard of it: divine humility.

I did not say “humility” but “divine humility.” It is not self-effacement, which comes from a works program of false piety, trying to get rid of self.

Divine humility comes from recognizing our co-crucifixion and co-burial with Christ. This humility reveals itself in a life that doesn’t criticize. This mind is not paranoid but always thinks the best. We will find a heart that possesses a capacity that is far greater than most of us have ever considered.

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