Divine Orientation

We submit to God in a situation through the life of Christ in our subjective mind. Divinely orienting ourselves to the Word of God for life, we will experience the Word of God divinely directing us when we are not oriented to our situation. Many may feel they know how to handle situations with the knowledge of past situations. They are alive only to themselves. To be alive unto God, we must experience the death of a Cross.

The death of the Cross is spiritual confession that has substance in the subjective mind. We receive truth in the subjective mind by objectively viewing our condition in respect to the life of Christ. If we view ourselves with the mind of grace, we will receive God’s provision continually.

Our need for God should not cause us to withdraw because of inadequacy but to draw near in response to love which has made godliness possible in our lives. The love that drew Christ to a Cross now draws us to the victory of a Throne. We are no longer lost in the illusions of what we want to become, but are secured in the decision of what Christ has made us to be in Him. We are hid in Christ, no longer exposed in the inabilities of Adam. When the devil attacks us mentally and we, for a moment, uncover our faults, the Blood of Christ will cover them and God will never charge them to our account. Though we turn from the truth momentarily, Christ will not forsake us because of the unconditional quality of His life.

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