Divine Viewpoint

God says, "My viewpoint is never like yours, and your viewpoint is never like mine." The only way any of us can be normal is if our cells are connected to the right source, with every cell receiving, responding to, and transmitting the proper initiations. Each separate cell makes vital connections with other cells to function in highly specialized groups. By God's incomparable workmanship, He created this extraordinary architecture of cells with masses of tiny fibers and chemicals that connect in a definite order.

Through this process, messages are sent to and from the brain throughout the body. This establishes a proper distribution of categorical initiations and connections, affecting our thinking, responses, feelings, self-consciousness, conscience, motivation, volition, and energy.

It is no wonder that with all that is going on inside our bodies, God said in Romans 12:1-2, "I want you to present your body so that it can be quickened. And do not be conformed to this world, but be renewed by the Holy Spirit. Experience the transformation of your mind through a measure of faith so you can prove what is My good, acceptable, and perfect will. I want the chemicals of your body to be controlled by Me!"

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