Do I Speak With God The Way I Speak With You?

How much speculative theology do I have? When I believe that God means things that He has not actually said I need to test myself: if I would not tell God that He means these things, then I should not tell you He means these things either.


I should speak as if I am declaring the oracles of God (I Pet.4:11), and I should write that way also. The word of God does become personally meaningful to us, and we speak that personal meaning; there is no life in the speaking if we do not. So we find that we must speak by faith, believing that God has told us to say that which we are saying, but also not speaking if we have yet to believe that God has told us. 


My faith is growing and I believe that with God it will grow until He takes me home. Therefore I can be corrected as well as instructed. Would I be bold enough to say that God can no longer correct me concerning the things that I have long held to be true? No, I am not that bold, God may still correct. May He bring truth to my faith that I am not expecting? Of course He may, so that by the Spirit of the Lord I believe a new thing. Jesus could not do this with the Pharisees, but in and by the grace of God He may still do this with me.


If my brothers and sisters theology divides them from me I should pray with Christ, who has already prayed that we would be one. But if my theology divides me from my brothers and sisters, then I need to add love, because without love my theology may be perfectly accurate, but yet at the same time without profit. (I Cor.13:2)


The children of God are being guided by the Holy Spirit into all truth until Jesus Christ presents to Himself a Bride without spot or wrinkle. What a marvelous job of that is being done!


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