Do Not Invade this Place

How many sins are written about in Hebrews 11? How many times does God refer to the sins of the men under the Old Covenant? He does not refer to them, and why? Because all of the sins, even those of Lot and Samson, are covered by the Blood of New Testament grace in the secret place. They had spirits of just men made perfect, not after they died but when they received the redemption of Jesus’ love in their own human spirits. They were men living in the covering of Blood which Jesus swore would cover a man once he received Christ. God covers and conceals, and no one invades the throne, the secret place. The throne is made up of the spirits of just men made perfect. They are hid in the secret place with Christ inside of God. They live on a throne that the devil cannot invade.

If people accept all that the New Covenant has done, then there they dwell in the secret place with the covering of eternal redemption. God says, “It is My secret covering for My people, and no one is to probe and deal with it.” People with a Pharisaical spirit invade the secret place and judge perfect people. God wants no invasion into this place of secret where the Blood covers and conceals and allows man to grow freely in Christ in a rest from all sin, from all guilt and penalty of sin, from the judgment of others, and from the accusations of the devil.

God’s sacrifice lives, and man can become freely what God has made him to be.

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