Do You Hear the Calling?

The Song of Solomon portrays the progressive walk of the Bride as her life is consumed by the Bridegroom, the Lord. We see the Lord call the Bride out of her self-life and into a life in the heavenlies and then called into a life of love on the earth to reveal what she was receiving in the heavenlies. It’s a continual calling, a constant communion, because God wants the Church always to hear the voice of the Spirit. God is continually calling His people in a progression of grace through the Word and the Spirit so that people are then continually, objectively, and subjectively balanced through the call of God. So many people get involved in religious quests, searching and questioning for the truth instead of simply following the call of God in the ordained steps of their life. These steps are not programmed by man but are in sovereignty delivered to man by God through grace.

The first call was to rise up out of her self-life (Song of Solomon 2:8-15). Why is this call so difficult to follow? People actually make a provision to live a life in self. They take grace and consume it on self instead of using it to experience crucifixion of self. People suffer when they consume grace on their self-life. God has made it possible for self to be crucified because of a provision through love. We have the choice to react in self or to forfeit self by believing. Subduing self brings frustration, but believing is just acknowledging truth in its simplicity.

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