Do You Want to be Spared?

Jesus Christ was never spared any special favors from His Father. We have been taught so many times to be spared. People do not want to identify. They want to be spared the consequences. They do not want to go through a rugged cross, but they want to be spared and still be a good person. Jesus will not spare us of anything in any area of our lives.

If the Father did not spare His own Son, why should we be spared? God refuses to spare us because He wants to put us in a position where we must learn something: obedience to Him through a cross by faith in the Word of God. How could we ever get to know Christ if we did not have fellowship in the situations He was in? How could we have His resources if we were not put in a place where ours were exhausted? Jesus had to learn obedience; though perfect, He still was responsible to be a free-will agent as far as His humanity went. He was challenged over and over to exercise the free will of His humanity. God placed Him in one situation after another, so He would have to exercise His will and His humanity to obey. God allowed Him to suffer to see the progression of His obedience.

The minute God places us into suffering we either get into fellowship with our humanity or we rebel against God in the flesh. But the decision has definitely been set with God, that we not be spared in order that we might learn obedience.

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