Does Love Take a Change?

If we have anything less than unconditional love toward the saints (love that is expressed toward living believers), then we hate them. If conditional response can change our love, then we do not love the person whose response has changed it. Jesus loved Peter unconditionally. Though Peter had a conditional response which at one point rejected Christ, Christ still had the same quality of love toward him. His love toward Judas never stopped, though it was rejected. Many times the love we have for people changes if they go against us. We no longer love them unconditionally based upon God, but in actuality hate them because of the conditional love of man. If a man says he loves God and yet treats his wife according to how she treats him, with changing love, then he is a liar. He does not live in the first cause of love. His love is rooted in the Fall and not in resurrection life. If a person strikes out at people and does not have unconditional love as a practice, there is a strong possibility that he is unsaved and deceived, or he is saved but has not gone to Calvary to receive grace in his relationships with people.

Unconditional Love died when we were His enemies. If we have anything less than unconditional love, then we are living in the first form of hate. If your goodness extends only to God and not to the saints, you are a general Christian living in generalities without any specific constraint of godly love that extends to the saints.

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