Don’t Be Naughty with God

There is a most serious problem that a believer has. If you actually gave opportunity for your past to be examined, you would find it to be the most serious problem you yourself have encountered at certain times. What is this problem, why is it so difficult, and how do you overcome it?

Too many people are naughty with God and never lay aside things that bring to them into temptation. People become established in an area of life where they cannot receive the Word as the Word of God. If they do not receive the Word as the Word, then they cannot receive God through the Word. People may receive Christ as their Savior through salvation, and that is one thing. But growing in the Word becomes the imperative after the birth into the Kingdom of God by the will of God, which is called salvation.

To grow means to be continually receiving the Word of God. If we receive the Word for some particular provision in a case to which we have committed ourselves, then the Word begins to take over each part of our lives. Thus we see so clearly the importance of partaking in a fellowship where there is a grasp of the Word. If a person is in a place where there is no grasp and no balance, then his life will be no more balanced. If you are taught fully and correctly, then your life will be protected and you will have treasures for the future.

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