Door Openers

Nepal is a wonderful place to be right now in the call of God! Yes, of course the most wonderful place to be for each of us is in the call of God – wherever that is! Many, many doors are open and there is a great need for Biblical Godly teaching. I am really enjoying times of outreach and I’m continually amazed at the contacts that God gives us.

Being American Opens Doors

Here, in a small suburb of Kathmandu, the fact that we are Americans opens many doors. Most of the people in Nepal want to find work – somewhere else – and America is about the top of the list. We try to explain to them that America is not heaven and that true happiness is not found in where we are but in knowing God who fills our hearts wherever we are. So we are door openers. The Nepalis we meet walk in through the door we open to the gospel. Together we develop a relationship and share the life that Christ has given us in Him. Typically this is not a quick process. Most Nepalese people have no concept of a loving God. Family ties are very important here so leaving the family’s idol worship may bring strong opposition. We need prayer, day by day.hope education


Diane has been devoting most afternoons to tutoring the children at the Hope Family. Many of the twenty-two children there need help in their English and Math. The school is English-based to help their job opportunities when they graduate. We were able to buy some good books so they now have a small English library. Many however are several years behind their classmates because they did not begin school until they were eight or nine or ten years old when they first came to Hope. Diane’s many years of home-schooling are proving very useful and she loves teaching them!

Open Doors to Bible College

Diane and I took the opportunity to visit a family that hosts a small English speaking worship service on Saturdays. I encouraged their nineteen year old son to consider Christian college, as he waits for his test results and the possibility of attending university, and he went! If we know who we are in Christ and God’s call on our lives, whatever we do can be done with eternal purpose and with all our heart as unto the Lord. But if we don’t know God’s call or who we are in Him, what purpose do we have, regardless of what we do? Well, this young man, Santosh is now learning about these at Mountain Life Training Center, a Greater Grace Bible training center in Katmandu.

Nepal truck

India is continuing it’s blockade of Nepal’s borders so very few private vehicles have “petrol”. Some buses are running but very overcrowded. I rode with twenty-two other men on the roof of one of them recently! Diane managed to squeeze inside the bus. There are shortages of cooking gas, medical supplies and all kinds of imports. Most restaurants are closed or cooking on wood fires. We however were able to buy a crock-pot big enough to cook a chicken for our Thanksgiving dinner!
Nepal cooking

Thank you for your prayers for the work here. Please continue to ask the Father for much fruit, fruit that remains. Pray for the leaders of this country (and those in America). We have “a great big, wonderful God”. In the end HE will bring true justice and true peace to this troubled world and to troubled hearts who will receive Him. Thank God for open doors!!


Jon and Diane Post, Katmandu, Nepal

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