“Draw Me After You “

Faith exists the truly held, felt, smelled, and shelled nugget of gold — the one of my hopes and dreams — but comes by hearing, and the spiritual sense of hearing can only come by the Word of God.. Yes, God’s Word, God Himself, and our participation in that Nature, becomes our way, our truth, and our life. How? Like the Shulamite woman of Song of Solomon, I “draw nigh” Him and when I do, “hold Him and never let go?” —

“until I had brought Him into my mother’s house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me?”  Chapter 3

In her defense:

 “ecstatic and intense as her devotion is, it is not the lawless affection of a concubine, but the love of a noble wife.

The religious emotions are always presented to us in Scripture, not as wild fanaticism or superficial excitement, but as pure offering of the heart which blends with the highest relations and interests of human life, and sanctifies home and country with all their ties and obligations.” The Pulpit commentary explains.

Peter Kreeft, in his book ” Three Philosophies of Life,” tells of three methods of influencing other people: Pushing, carrying, or drawing.

  1. You can use force or fear to push people where you want them to go, against their will.
  2. Or you can carry them. Like a parent for an infant.
  3. Or you can draw them, attract them, motivate them, to move forward by the magnetism of desire.”

In Song of Solomon 1:4 a woman recognizes the third method as a prayer to her lover with the words,

“draw me after you, “

Don’t push me, manipulate me, or carry me away, but display your love as attractive to me.

Kreeft tells us, “God cannot force us to love Him. A thing created is passive, but, love is active, not passive, free, not forced, from within, not without.”

So, if God is the influence and I am the potential recipient, we simplify the three ‘methods of influence” into two criterion. (His methods of influence may vary as we grow into maturity with Him.) But,

Do I criticize or do I listen? Do I react or respond? Analyze or receive?

Remember the nugget of gold comes by hearing and that by the Word of God, and that by putting myself in proximity to that Word.

  •  The love language used by a person for their lover is — “To a non-lover,  extremely trite and boring,.”
  • “To a lover it is perfect like a diamond.”

In other words, ” The lover is totally engrossed in their love or beloved, …never bored. The friend, roommate or family member – finds the lover supremely boring, narrow, obsessed…” Kreeft

So again from Song of Solomon: “….Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night. This is sacred requesting. Lover to lover.
But her response, “I have put off my coat; how shall I put it on? I have washed my feet; how shall I defile them?”  Song 5:2

This response or lack of response differs from the two criteria listed above, Not (1) fully engrossed as a lover, yet not (2) bored as a critic — but (3) the object of Solomon’s love is simply momentarily unresponsive. Does she love Him? O yes. Is she bored? O no. But she has fallen into the state of human affairs which allows for ongoing relationship development. In other words, the relationship is viewed on “my terms.” “I’m still in charge.” …and right now I am busy.

I am protecting my right to privacy!

O this is critical! My privacy is mine and God given, but when do I get close enough for the nugget of gold to fill all inward desire and expectation? Will I let the guard down?

Beloved, Christ Himself initiates His loves to us in various ways and at various times. His plan for us is one of love, His special “revelations” for us are timely and of love, His blessings are daily. His whispers of love are of His carefully timed seasons. Am I too busy now?

Lastly, Of the Word’s many persons, David found God in the morning, Psalm 5, Jesus also implored the Father for “open ears” in Isaiah 50:4. He was wakened morning by morning. Thankfully we can grow to know the times of God’s initiations to us and just let love draw us to Him. Frequent these times,  Be ready, He is at the door.   Love ya.

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