Encouraged in Corporate Truth

In this chapter in Samuel, we see that David and his men returned home to find that the city had been overrun and their women and children taken captive. His men reacted, wanting to stone David.

David became distressed, not over the content of their thoughts, but over the fact that they were not encouraging themselves in the Lord. Do not fear men's thoughts toward you; through divine love, be constrained about their state toward God. You might not be able to change their condition, but your unchanging love can provide an unconditional atmosphere for their heart's response to faith.

Encouraging ourselves in the Lord is a great principle in terms of corporate living. We are never flustered in circumstances; instead, we submit to a corporate flow, allowing the divinity of God to bring us to the place of needed maturity for the sovereign plan God has brought us into. We need not strive to learn what we feel would equip us spiritually, but we live in the light of what we have received and then allow the pulpit to speak in the oneness of corporate truth.

When it is God's time for the Body to grow in certain areas, the Word will be preached so all of its members will grow together, lest some strive in pride to place their knowledge above the knowledge of God and the knowledge of the way the Body is moving. The pulpit that is under the governing life of the Word and the Spirit in the plan and purpose of the Body draws the members to grow together.

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