Equality in Christ

God doesn't want you to live in the changeless mood of inequality, but rather to live in the moods of His love. Without love there is inequality. Jesus, Who knew no sin, died for sin by becoming sin that we might be made the righteousness of God. God now places us into a wonderful place of equality.

God's love is absolute without any respect of persons. When I had no capacity to love God, God first loved me.

When we receive God's love, we love ourselves and enter into a state of equality. We now love God according to the quality of the love we've received and love one another according to how we see ourselves in that love. By the work of Christ all of us enter into the even place of equality. How much faith is now not the issue; we now know it's the quality that counts, despite its mustard-seed size. Instead of considering my capabilities in performing, it's the Person of Christ Who delivers us from quantities and inequalities into quality and equality.

Thank God today for the dynamics of love in Christ always having its way over and above inequalities. Now we change for eternity through the equality of love because of its quality. As we continue as "not forgetful hearers," but rather qualitative operators, we discover the fellowship of liberty in the Spirit of grace. The moods of His love are simply our life established in grace to experience love rather than living in self to have competition in Adam.

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