Eternal Realities

Hell is a prepared place for unprepared people! According to John 3:16, God never intended that any should perish in the lake of fire, which was originally prepared for Satan and his angels. Yet for everyone who rejects salvation, hell must expand its capacity.

The White Throne Judgment will be the most shocking, unbelievable event in all of history. Hell has already been stirred up from beneath. The chiefs of the earth and the kings of the nations will be there.

If Christians truly believed this, it would change everything. It would change our prayer life. It would change our conversation. It would change our motivation to evangelize.

Heaven-the precious place where the redeemed will spend eternity-is upwards. But hell is described several times in Revelation as a bottomless pit. Of all of the fears that disturb people, the most common is the fear of falling. Imagine the dreadfulness of falling and falling, alone and in utter darkness, always anticipating a devastating and crushing end, and yet the fall is unending and with no way out.

This will be reality for some people we know and love.

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