Eternal Words

The words that God speaks are eternal. They were settled in heaven billions of years ago for this very hour. Every time we hear the Word of God preached, it is a fountain of life that renews, refreshes, and rekindles the spirit within.

People are drawn to churches that teach grace because of the nature of the grace message. Yet, some of those same people go against the grace message. They come because of unconditional love, and then they go against it because they cannot live up to the message. They are drawn to it because of the Finished Work, and then they try to "unfinish" what Christ has completed.

We can do nothing against the truth. If we try to hurt a brother or sister, we are going against the truth. If we make negative comments, we are going against the truth.

A man of God who is upheld by the Word is led by the Spirit of God. He will always be motivated by love that changes people's lives with a desire to honor the truth (2 Corinthians 5:13-14).

We can do nothing against the truth. We are responsible for the words that we speak. Every word is recorded, and we will face God to give an account for them all.

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