Courtesy of Jon Cook; a former missionary and youth leader in Budapest, Hungary

  • The Zoo
    • I know how it sounds but I actually highly recommend this. They have more of a variety of animals than any other zoo I’ve been to and you can also pet a lot of the animals as well. It’s well set up and they have playgrounds and stuff throughout.
  • Escape rooms
    • I believe that they originated in Hungary and there are tons around. If you look online they usually have a difficulty rating. It’s only an hour or so but they are super fun. Here are two I’ve been to before- Mystique and Locked Room. They each have several options for rooms. Mystique is more geared toward kids I think- They have a Pharoah room, Pirate room and a Time Machine room that I’ve done.
  • Labyrinth
    • It’s caves under the castle district where supposedly Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) was held in prison. It’s some sort of museum but the caves themselves are more interesting to just play around in. I used to do a field trip here where we pretty much just ran around in the caves and scared each other. haha!
  • Hospital in the Rock
    • This is an underground hospital that was used in WWII and kept secret in case of emergency into the 2000s. It’s in the same cave system as the labyrinth but they have a lot more to offer in terms of education. You literally walk through
  • Szechenyi Baths
    • I’m not a huge fan of the baths but they are a legit thing that people love. Kids play in the pools all day and the parents lounge around in the various hot tubs and saunas. It’s cool if you’re into it, otherwise it’s kind of gross.
  • Sightseeing/Shopping
    • (There might be guided trips from the conference to these places). If you get a weekly ticket for public transportation you can pay a little extra and take a boat down or up the Danube. It’s a cool way to see the city and way cheaper than taking a tourist boat.
    • Goszdu Udvar is the ghetto from WWII that’s been turned into a tourist area. There are lots of little antique booths and cafes and stuff in here. It’s pretty neat to see and has tons of history. Good if you want a unique souvenir.
    • The Citadel is cool because it’s an old fort and you can see the entire city though it takes a while to get there.
    • The Castle District has little shops for souvenirs and looks stereotypical European. Great for photos. Of all the places for sightseeing I’d recommend this area because there are several things to do and see all in one place including the Labyrinth, Hospital in the rock and several museums. It’s also where the music video for Firework by Katie Perry was shot… so there’s that.
    • Vaci Utca is the main walking street with the most shops, restaurants and tourist traps. It’s fun to get lost there a little bit wandering around.
    • Nagy Varsarcsarnok is the largest market hall in Budapest. They have food and tons of souvenirs. It’s not too out of the way and you can get good stuff for decent prices.
    • Parliament is kind of boring but pretty. You can walk around there and there are some coffee shops etc. but unless you’re really into the history it’s probably not worth it. If you do go there, look for little golfball-sized metal balls on the walls- those are filled bullet holes from the war.
    • Margit Island is nice to go to for a picnic or something if the weather is nice. You can take the 4 or 6 tram and when it stops on the bridge, get off and follow the crowd. There is a huge fountain that plays music and has lights and stuff. There is also a mini zoo further in and you can rent bikes.
    • You can go into the Basilica and the Opera house or the train stations and classic things like that but they aren’t really must-sees in my opinion. Another one is Hosok ter, if you go to the Zoo you could stop by but other than that it’s probably not worth it. There are museums around it but I wouldn’t say they are worth your limited time unless there is something you really want to see there.
  • Food
    • You can probably find any number of people to go with you to these places as they are the most popular and frequented ones during EuroCon.
    • Chimney cake is a classic street food. It’s kind of like a cinnamon bun in the shape of a tube.
    • Rose ice cream is fantastic. It’s ice cream cones in the shape of a flower. Very fun and close to the city center. It’s right next to the Basilica and definitely worth a couple of trips.
    • Nagy Palacsinta is probably the one place I would really recommend going to at night because of its location more than anything else. If you go at night, they are open late and they have upstairs seating where you can look across the water to the Parliament building. No one knows how to light up a city like the Hungarians. They serve crepes for really cheap. That’s it. That’s all they do. They are good and you can buy a bunch with different fillings for a late night snack.
    • Metro Pizza Places (not the name of them, just the location) they’re cheap and pretty good. Get it with corn! Why not?
    • Princess or Lepoti Bakeries are usually in the metro as well and they have good pastries. Csoki Csiga is translated as chocolate snail but it’s really just a chocolate cinnamon bun.
    • Arriba is the best. It’s Mexican food and I ate there probably twice a week when I lived there.
    • Remiz is on the other side of the city past GGIS but it’s a very good food. I recommend the turkey breast and potatoes.
    • Hummus Bar is excellent!
    • Szeraj Turkish Restaurant is a classic Eurocon rap location and it’s super good good. Get the Adana Kabob if you like spicy.
    • Vapiano is another cool place. Kind of like fast Italian food where you go up to a chef and he makes whatever you want right in front of you and then you take it and go sit down.
    • Cafe Vian is super famous and serves great Hungarian/European food.
    • There are tons of little gyro places around and they are all pretty good and cheap.
    • American fast food is way better there so don’t be afraid to eat it.
    • If you see statues of people on horses, supposedly if the horse has all four feet on the ground, the rider died of natural causes. If the horse has one foot up, the rider died of wounds from battle. If the horse is rearing, the rider died in battle.
  • A couple things to know: most places are closed on Sundays so if you have the opportunity to buy groceries, take it, probably most everywhere else will be closed when you arrive.
  • Bathrooms cost money to use or you have to buy something to get a code for the door. Often there will be old cleaning ladies in the men’s bathrooms scowling at you.
  • If you find yourself on the yellow metro (1) I think it’s the oldest one in Europe.
  • CBA and Coop are grocery stores. Aldi and Lidl are literally the same as here but with excellent bakeries. Get some snacks to keep in your bag or for at night. There are also really seedy 24 hour stores that you can get stuff in if you need to but they are usually full of drunks past 10 pm.

EuroCon is GGWO’s annual European Convention where Greater Grace pastors, missionaries, and church family members from Hungary, the rest of Europe and abroad gather to share and receive encouragement in the Bible. It’s a time of fellowship, learning, and worshiping the Lord.

Registration will be up soon. We strongly request that you register online once it goes live so that we may better serve you and all attendees. You may click here to register online. If you need to register in person upon arrival at the conference, you must pay in Hungarian Forint (HUF) or credit card.

If you need someone else to help you register online, that person needs to fill out all fields as if he or she were you.

Contact eurocon@ggwo.org for more assistance.

If you are just coming for the day or arriving after Wednesday, you will need to register in person upon arrival for the discounted rates.

Please contact the Hungarian Embassy for details on which countries require visas.

GGWO can provide an invitation letter if needed. Please reach out to eurocon@ggwo.org for more details.

EuroCon is an event which serves many purposes. One great purpose of the conference is to allow those who come from some of our smaller and far reaching regions of the world, the opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the corporate body setting at a price they can afford. We realize that during these challenging economic times it is a sacrifice for any of us to travel.

We have developed this fee structure in order to help those who may not otherwise have the resources to be here. We appreciate your understanding of this and thank you in advance for helping make EuroCon possible for so many who will come from around the globe and will be able to partake of this blessing!

We will have a food service provider at the venue for you to purchase meals and snacks, along with coffee and drinks. However, there will be no food court or booths this year. More details to come.

Tuesday, March 5th 2024 at 19:00.

No. Transportation to and from the airport is not provided.

You can find airport travel information here.

Interpretation will be offered through the LiveVoice app. Please download the app in advance from either of the links below. Make sure to bring your own set of headphones that you can use with your phone or listening device.

There will be no interpretation booths, but there will be a designated area for interpreters.  Additionally, interpreters do not need to be on-site to provide interpretation for the conference- they can translate from their home churches or from wherever they are. There is no charge for this service.

There is wifi in the building.

There will be a code for you to join as the translator, which you can request onsite.
You will need headphones with a microphone to speak into, and your own device with the app installed.
There are no charges for wifi or the app.

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This is entirely up to you. Early workshops start at 9:00 and late night raps end around 23:00. There is free time between the morning and the evening sessions.

The atmosphere is casual and family friendly. Temperatures are usually spring-like in March, however it can still be cool in the evenings so some warm clothing is suggested.  Please check the weather before traveling.