General Information

Public Transportation

It enables you to travel almost anywhere in Budapest. You must purchase a ticket before entering the transportation vehicle. Beware! You may be randomly checked for tickets – No ticket and you will pay a fine on the spot!!

On the buses and trams there are small red boxes. Insert your ticket and pull the lever forward to validate your ticket. To ride on the metro, insert your ticket into one of the orange boxes at the top of the escalator where it will be electronically validated. You must carry the validated ticket with you for the duration of the trip. Changing metros does not requires another ticket. The ticket checkers will be identified with BKV arm bands. Show them the ticket. If you are checked and don’t have the ticket, you will be fined (16,000 HUF), DO NOT hand your passport to anyone. If you plan on traveling after 11:00 pm, see your hostess for information about schedules.

Some of the most used ticket prices:

Single ticket350 HUF
Single ticket on board450 HUF

Other types of ticket plans offered at metro stations:

1 Day Travel Card1 650 HUF
3 Day Travel Card4 150 HUF
7 Day Travel Card4 950 HUF
14-day pass7 000 HUF
10 Single Tickets Book3 000 HUF

More prices on BKK’s website (EN)
Schedules (EN)
News (EN)


From 1 September 2013 a new Taxi Decree was introduced in Hungary regulating the price* of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 280 HUF/Km (0.95 EUR/Km) in addition to the one-off basic fee of 450 HUF (1.50 EUR) and waiting fee. A ride from the airport to the city center should typically cost around 6500 HUF (22 EUR) depending on traffic conditions.

*Prices include VAT. Prices indicated in EUR are subject to the actual HUF/EUR exchange rate.

The following Taxis are recommended:

City Taxi2-111-1111
Buda Taxi2-333-3333
Tele5 Taxi5-555-5555
Fo Taxi2-222-2222
6X6 Taxi6-666-6666

Airport MiniBus: (+36-1) 296-8555 for rides to and from the airport [3200 HUF per person one way] Read more.

While on site at the church the Hospitality Center would be pleased to call a taxi for you.

Off site dial one of the numbers above and tell operator you speak English. They will ask you for the phone number you are calling from, and the address where you are.

Conference Center Address – Golgota ut. 3. 8th District. You will be told an approximate time of taxi arrival. When in the taxi make sure the meter is “on”. The meter starts at around 500 HUF. You may “wave down” a taxi on the street (the rates are higher) Private taxis may charge exorbitant rates. Prices are higher at night and if your hotel calls for you. If your hotel calls for you specify the company you want, the hotel may call a private company at a higher rate.

More tips about taxis at

Internet Access

There is no Internet access at the Conference Site. There are many cafe’s in Budapest where you can use the internet at very low prices. Many fast food restaurants offer internet kiosks.


The tap water is safe to drink. Bottled water is sold with color coded labels; Pink – Non Carbonated (may have a mineral taste), Blue – Carbonated (Bubbly)


The wall outlet is 230 Volts, you must use a converter for American appliances.


As in all large cities, be careful with you personal belongings (wallet, purse, etc.)

NEVER leave your bag unattended – even at the meeting hall. Put you money in an inside pocket. On public transportation keep your hand on your bag. Be discreet!

Don’t take money out in public. As in every country, thieves target foreigners at tourist sites and on crowded public transportation.


The USD is worth around 297 HUFs
The EUR is worth around 331 HUFs

It is recommended to only have local currency because money exchange is not close to the church. Also, Walk in Registration is only in HUF (Hungarian Forint)

There is no commission on changing money in Hungary. Do not change money with individuals on the street or near luxury hotels. Your best deal will be found using your bank card at an ATM machine.

(the closest to the church is going out from the building, take a right, than a right again and take a left on Vajda Péter utca. You walk a block on the left side of the street and at the end there is a business center. There you can find an ATM machine.)

ATM (cash) Machine locations

Lurdy Ház (Shopping Mall)

Take Tram #1 to stop named Mester utca. Lurdy Ház is on the right

József körút (a Inner city avenue – very close)

Take Bus 99 to the last stop, Blaha Lujza tér. Turn right & walk along József körút, you will find a several exchange places along the way.

Váci utca (Major walking/shopping street)

Take Tram #1, 1 stop to Népliget (Blue Line Metro) Take Metro to Ferenciek tere. At top of escalator, take the 2nd exit on the left & walk 1 block. Váci utca is on the right.

Árkád (Shopping Mall)

Take Tram #1, get off at Népstadion. Take Red line Metro to Örs Vezér tér. Go down the stairs at intersection take a right, follow straight into the mall. Exchange is near entrance on the right.


The phone booths take coins or telephone cards. Local calls are 50 HUF for 1 minute. Use telephone cards for long distance calls. Be aware that calling from the hotel, they will charge triple! To call abroad, first dial 00, after the continuous tone, dial the country code and phone number.

Information Center: 198 (Operators speak English)

Emergency in general (Fire, Medical and Police) Dial 112


There is a first aid center on the Conference Site for minor issues. FirstMed, an English speaking Medical Clinic, will be taking care of emergency services. Please go the Hospitality Center for a referral. If you have an emergency while not at the Conference Center call 112.

Police: 438-8080 Hungarian Police Hotline (Operator speaks English)