Everlasting Springs

When we come to Jesus and drink from His well, rivers of living water flow from our emotions. We become like fountains with our attitude of praise. In my first church, I kept visiting one particular house for three years. A seven-year-old girl who lived there came to our Sunday school, but her parents had yet to come to church. Well, that little girl was such a sweetheart. After service every Sunday, she would pass me a note asking me to pray for her parents.

One day I stopped by and the mother motioned for me to come in. That had never happened before. "Don't say anything," the woman said to me as she got her husband. They took me to the door of their daughter' s room. The girl was on her knees, and her mother said to me in tears, "My daughter is praying for her pastor."

That couple got saved right then and there. Later, we baptized the whole family, and they became one of our very faithful families.

The little girl did not know I was coming at that moment. She was just seven, but she was praising God Almighty for her salvation and praying for her pastor. That little girl was a fountain of life for her parents.

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