Evidently, It is Faith

The Word comes first into the conscious mind as objective knowledge. When given the place, Satan will come in subsequently to produce mental blocks. Knowledge is no threat to the devil, but when the subjective mind has faith quickened with objective knowledge, Christ is victorious over the devil.

Satan wants to make faith an abstract concept, so people will be conditioned not to expect results from its initiation. The reason evidence is not always seen is that we have not looked unto Jesus that He might make evident the power of His will. We become conditioned to believe in faith, but to inhibit faith from showing its beliefs through us. When Christ died on Calvary, He needed no evidence of our approval or future acceptance of His sacrifice. He went to the Cross because a faith that worked by love constrained Him to make evident His thoughts toward men. Do we wait for circumstances or natural evidences to bring us to the place of faith? If we wait, as did the man in John 5, spiritual infirmities will keep us from finding peace in our situation. The road of superficial Christianity is crowded by the masses walking by the evidence of sight. The way of the Cross is traveled by those who respond to God alone. Christ and His authorities in delegation have found their evidences in faith and have made evident to all, the limitless possibilities of faith in accordance with the will of God.

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