Existence without a Life

How many conversations result because of a lack of submission to God? People end up in complaint and in heartache because their hearts were not submissive toward God. Some people honor Christ totally. Others honor Him in proportion to what they feel they can do while reserving their individual right to have the human conveniences they want. Some take up the Cross, and some acknowledge its existence, but do not take it up. People can acknowledge in Adam, yet never live in the life of Christ. They say but do not allow God to do in them what their words state He has done. They observe the Cross respectfully, but never draw near submissively. This shows a lack of humility and contrition in the sight of God.

Your heart is naked before God. Let your life be so filled with God’s will that you have no desire to resist the Cross, repudiate discipleship, or refrain from humility. Do not spend hours resisting and allow your life to be a result of your resistance.

Do not have a case to present, have a heart of love to submit. Do not come with ideas, come with a Cross. Do not come demanding, come to submit. Do not come asking people to agree with you, instead, come to love and to listen and to see if their spirits agree. The choice is between self and the Cross, pride and humility, death and life, the spirit of the devil and the Spirit of Christ.

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