Faith Not Imagined

Faith is not what I imagined it to be. Christ’s faith, which He authored and He finished, and that I accept to be my own faith, that is the faith God accepts, the only one. After 50 years of believing, and that belief growing by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I am coming to understand that no man or woman ever thought of a faith like this, only Christ brought it to us.

This faith has works; we don’t add works to the faith, but we live out the faith in works. It is a living faith. It is not that it should be a living faith and should have works, it simply is, and does. When I am not living out my faith by love, there is a confession for me to make: “Father, I believe, but help my unbelief.”

This faith is not defined by God’s children, and it certainly is not defined by those who are not God’s children; it has already been defined by God. He has defined it in terms of relationship: “I always do what the Father shows me to do,” and “I only say what the Father gives me to say.” Just so, only when I am doing and saying what the Father gives me, only then can I say that I am living the faith of the Son of God.

God’s relationship with you is personal and intimate as is His relationship with me. Christ’s faith in you and from you will be manifested in one way, and His faith in me in another way, but both ways will be found in the way of Christ. Will God tell you to do something He will never tell me to do, which, therefore, I may never have the faith for? He just might do that. If He does, He will tell me to accept your portion as He tells you to accept mine.

If you are a child of God I am to believe God for you. How could we have imagined this faith? The Holy Spirit must guide us, correct us, and comfort us for us to hold to this faith. I am not led to judge you by what I would or would not do, that is not leading, that is temptation.

We have an extraordinary God who leads people to do wondrous things: things of love, joy, and peace. Those things have to be shown to us, we do not ever find them on our own. If I am not paying attention to God I may find you strange, and perhaps even contrary; when I turn my eyes to Christ I see you in love and God works unity. Again, it is not a working of unity that I could ever imagine, it is surprising, and unexpected, and brings praise to God.

Let us believe unto joy and peace, the Spirit of God is certainly leading us there.

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