Faith Not to be Delivered

Why do you want to be successful? What if God used a thing to have you get to know Him and then He let it fail? He crushed it into failure that we might experience resurrection. We do not understand how we can rejoice, but we do rejoice. We have no regrets, only peace. God used the failing to bring us closer to Him. God is not out to make things we do successful. He is out to make us spiritual. He will bless us outwardly perhaps and then if that does not make us spiritual He may crush us to get what He desires and knows is life for us.

You look at a situation. Is God blessing? That is not the question to be asked. The real question is this: Is God blessing you no matter what happens to the thing you are doing?

In Hebrews 11, some had to endure violence, suffering, and trial, not obtaining the promise while others did obtain it. Who got blessed? The people who never obtained the promise but endured by faith were just as spiritual as those who obtained the promise and produced the effects and the outward result in their ministry. Some never got the answer that revealed the blessing but were blessed inwardly by believing in the Living God. The Church prayed and Peter was freed from prison. But James got his head cut off. Who was more spiritual? Just because James got his head cut off does not make Peter any more spiritual. It takes just as much faith not to be delivered and still believe than it does to believe and be delivered.

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