Faith Response

Often how we express ourselves reveals how we think, and what we believe. Often watching children in their simplicity and excitement shows and example of faith. As we get older, practicality and management can creep in and dominate our response patterns. Our response to faith ministers to God. How we respond reveals what we know and believe about who God is. There can be the rationale of the heart that determines what we deserve or are entitled to, this can buffet our response every time. The tragedy of the lack of response or “silent treatment” shows unbelief. If we look at ourselves, we will always come to the conclusion that there is someone better, and that we are one most undeserving.

Yes, Lord

As we embrace faith and say, “Yes, Lord,”  this is a faith action, which produces a faith momentum. We enter into God’s realm of belief and trust. In Hebrews 11:1 “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not yet seen.” Faith is not a management style were we have control and understand all things, it is a radical reliance in response to an absolute promise and the person of Jesus. Faith pleases God because it is all about God! Faith takes The Lord at His Word!

Move in Momentum

A faith momentum is the kingdom of God on the move. Our faith response and faith confession shake the kingdom of darkness. We see God binding things on earth and in heaven, loosing the will of God on earth. WE participate with Christ in our response to Him. We either are responding to God, or reacting to people. As we continue in God consciousness we will have the right perspective for people.  Don’t seek what you can “manage” or what we are capable of “doing” in Gods kingdom, seek Christ today and respond to Him and say,  “Here am I, send me.” Leave the possible, and the manageable; enter into the impossible – God is there waiting to show Himself faithful.

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