Faith Sees Light in the Dark

There are hidden riches in dark places. Imagine how our sin brings us into a dark place. And yet, there in that dark place comes the hidden riches of a capacity to respond to forgiveness and, thus, love ourselves and others according to that response from God. In darkness, we find the hidden riches of grace, mercy and a personal God, fellowshipping in love, without imputing sin. God is hiding in the dark places, and He is there available as the Invisible Person to be seen by those who walk by faith. It takes an invisible light in dark places. No man hath seen God at any time, but as He is, so are we. If we are walking by sight, we will not see this Light; but if we are walking by faith in the Word, we are living in it and we are it.

Just as the lampstand in the Temple was the most extravagant, expensive piece of beauty as it sat in the inner court, so too can we be in our experience. A man saved can glorify the royalty of heavenly places where he is seated. The light of God’s glory is shown, as it was through the beautiful base of the lampstand. The light poured through the base, showing the beauty of the base and then lit the room; just as we light the world in the room we are, reflecting the glory of Christ as His mirror. Even if the lampstand was not lit, hidden in the darkness of the middle court was a potential of glorious beauty.

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