Faith that Waits in Promise

Satan's mastermind vs. the mind of who God is -Satan's second counterattack is against the result of love: joy. Satan brings sorrow in the night seasons to take away love and joy. He wants to take away the effect of joy because of love and leave us vexed with grief. Then, sorrow by sight and feelings will incapacitate us for love and faith. As we enter into sorrow through our reaction to sight, a deep line is drawn in our soul to give us a capacity to respond to sight. The more we live in response to what we see, the deeper our capacity grows. We become habitually addicted to live according to the evidences of sight. Satan charges God for being illogical and not proving what He says by immediate evidence. Satan will always give us sight and feelings to complement logically our experience in his lie.

Weeping in a night season makes us ready to receive the revelation of God in the morning. God does not want us to carry a burden when He has released us into life. Sorrow carries with it a burden, which refuses to be lifted because of unbelief toward the ability of Christ to supply the need. God identifies with our sorrow, for He wept over Jerusalem ( John 11:35). This identification ends with our realization that God has the supply for the need of the world. We have fullness of joy because the truth of God's sufficiency is born in our hearts.

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